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Is your team’s collaboration suffering?

Did you know that in 2023, communicating with co-workers takes up an astonishing 72% of the work week?

If you’re visiting this page, then you have perhaps experienced the impacts of when that communication is ineffective, such as failure to complete projects, low employee morale, missed performance goals, or lost sales to name a few.

By the numbers, a recent report showed that ineffective communication is costing large companies as much as $15,000 per employee per year.

And unfortunately, companies are not tapping into the deep reserve of team member creativity that is required (and available!) to create the innovations needed to adapt to our rapidly changing world and transform the future.

Does this sound like your org?

If so, then perhaps you’re wondering what can be done to turn things around and help your org reach its full potential.

“As long as employees remain silent, companies will lose money on flawed projects, innovations that never happen, and subpar customer service.”

Karin Hurt + David Dye, Courageous Cultures

What’s getting in the way of your team’s communication?

Several factors may be hindering your team members from achieving their full communication potential.

Many that you may not even be aware of…or you might even find very surprising.

They tend to fall into three categories:

  • Discomfort with the sound of their voice
  • Lack of confidence
  • Underdeveloped communication skills

With more than 15 years of experience collaborating with over a thousand employees across the entire high-tech ecosystem, from established enterprises to cutting-edge startups, we’ve gained unique insights into the everyday challenges they encounter.

Here’s a glimpse into what they say ->

How do you help them overcome these barriers and find their voices?

Ensuring that your team members feel safe to express themselves is the most important factor. While management plays a crucial role in setting the culture and tone of the group, genuine collaboration is a process that unfolds with the healthy participation of every single person.

You can help your team members develop a more active and self-responsible communication style by:

  1. Providing Tools for Self-Expression: Ensuring that your team members have the necessary tools to articulate their thoughts and ideas effectively. This creates an environment where their voices can be heard and valued.
  2. Investing in their Personal Growth: Fostering emotional resilience within your team members is essential. By equipping them with the emotional tools to navigate challenges and setbacks, you empower them to communicate with confidence.
  3. Infusing Effective Communication Skills and Norms: Empowering your team with the skills and established communication norms that promote open dialogue, understanding, and shared objectives.

By focusing on these key elements, you pave the way for a culture of collaboration that flows naturally and thrives at all levels of your organization.

And that’s just what our workshops and trainings do.

Our unique programs provide a comprehensive and in-depth approach, that sets them apart from your typical corporate communication training.

We take the time to assess and fully understand your team’s communication challenges. Then, through a blend of interactive activities, expert guidance, and a strong focus on practical skill development, we deliver real, lasting transformation for your team.

What makes these programs truly unique is our focus on three fundamental areas:

1. Voice + Speech

1. Voice + Speech

Understand the mechanics of the voice in order to craft your unique authentic vocal sound.

Master speaking techniques to enhance confidence, clarity, and emotiveness.

Develop overall control and stamina for powerful and authentic communication.

2. Self-Confidence

2. Self-Confidence

Explore mindset strategies to enhance emotional intelligence and cultivate self-trust.

Cultivate a strong presence and empower yourself to take up space with confidence.

Release limiting beliefs and transform old habits into positive behaviors.

3. Communication Skills

3. Communication Skills

Equip yourself with a toolkit for clear and persuasive communication in diverse settings.

Develop essential skills to effectively convey information and build influence.

Foster relationships and collaborative efforts to drive your agenda forward.

Yeah, but how do we measure progress?

The importance of soft skills in the workplace is no longer disputed. But how do you choose the best approach for your team and how can you be sure the strategic advantages of our approach will extend throughout your entire organization?

Through individual self-assessments and coordination with leadership, we work with you to determine which metrics are most important to track for your team, and exactly what kind of results you need to see.

In addition to the statistics like the ones presented here, we’ve seen our clients experience substantial improvements in the following areas:

Individual Level: Resilience, contribution, engagement, purpose, loyalty

Team Level: Productive disagreements, information sharing, belonging, trust, fun

Project Level: Planning, agility, creep, innovation, quality

Organization: ROI, efficiency, growth, stability, speed

Ready to transform your team’s communication and boost your organization’s success?

Let’s discuss your specific needs and explore how we can achieve measurable results together.

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  • 30-min discovery call for participants
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Head of Analytics, Google

Sam coaches with the perfect combination of empathy, intelligence, curiosity and pragmatism.
She handles big and small: from communication in meetings and presentations to rethinking your career.
Sam highlights what matters. She'll prompt you to think about big changes in achievable steps. If things get tough or you start to fall back into old patterns she'll help you recognize the pattern and move past it.  She genuinely cares about the people she works with and it shows.

Director of Site Operations, Sam's Club

Sam is an amazing coach and just an overall wonderful person. She goes above and beyond to help me understand and unlock my potential as a business leader, acknowledge and appreciate my fears, and helped me navigate through my insecurities. I have learned so much about myself in the time we've worked together.
She successfully guided me through managing tough conversations, how to listen to my intuitions and trust in myself, and to be confident in my voice.
I feel empowered every time I talk to her and even after our sessions when I apply my learnings in the workplace. I am forever grateful for her wisdom, her passion, and her infectious positive energy. Thank you, Sam!

Vice President of Engineering, Fintech Startup

I worked with Sam for voice training to help me speak and in particular leading up to an event where I was speaking with a large audience. Working with her has been great. She really helped me work through things that she identified as being key for me and I found working with her to be a huge step towards me feeling confident and actually delivering a talk that was well received. She really takes the time to get to know you and tailors her approach to you and that is such a key thing she offers from other coaches.

ABP, Google

Sam is a truly incredible coach - I came to her to help me practice saying words in front of people (aka public speaking), and she's gone above and beyond in helping me find tools and tricks to overcome this fear, as well as teaching me to be a better communicator in both personal and professional capacities. I'm SO glad I found Sam, and I know I'll continue working with her as long as I can.

PhD Candidate, Organizational Behavior

There are not enough good things I can say about Sam and her work. Sam's mission to help others use, own, and amplify their voices is something that will positively influence everything from your ability to convey what you want in relationships, to your leadership presence, to how you show up in the world (and even your singing!). She embodies her mission by continually providing opportunities for others to step into their power by questioning their assumptions, getting to the root of their symptoms, and by practicing asking for what they want and need. Her ability to draw out emotions and learnings in others, combined with her direct yet loving ability to give feedback, allows others to step into their power and feel supported along the way. I would absolutely recommend Sam if you are ready to live more fully and intentionally, with more confidence so that you can increase your positive impact in the world.