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“It’s Not Just About the Voice”

“Sam has an intense, unique and unconditional love of people.  She is in it with you every step of the way with zero judgement.  She makes it safe when it’s uncomfortable.  It’s not just about the voice…it’s about not hiding from yourself, it’s about being present and being alive.”


“You Can Increase Your Positive Impact on the World”

“There are not enough good things I can say about Sam and her work. Sam’s mission to help others use, own, and amplify their voices is something that will positively influence everything from your ability to convey what you want in relationships, to your leadership presence, to how you show up in the world (and even your singing!). She embodies her mission by continually providing opportunities for others to step into their power by questioning their assumptions, getting to the root of their symptoms, and by practicing asking for what they want and need. Her ability to draw out emotions and learnings in others, combined with her direct yet loving ability to give feedback, allows others to step into their power and feel supported along the way. I would absolutely recommend Sam if you are ready to live more fully and intentionally, with more confidence so that you can increase your positive impact in the world.”

Jennie G.

“Intuitive and Analytical”

“As a teacher, Sam is both intuitive and analytical in understanding what teaching approach and methods will best suit one’s goals. She brings her abundant knowledge, experience, and passion for teaching (and improving her teaching) to each lesson. These qualities alone would make her an excellent teacher but it is also her keen understanding of the vulnerability and raw emotion the aspiring vocalist faces that allows her to craft a space that is welcoming (as well as one that inspires fearlessness!).”

Tom C

“Being Nervous Was OK”

“For me it was a mystery: why does my voice just seem to fade away, often when I need it the most? Sometimes I had a strong, resonant voice, but at other times I would struggle to make myself heard, managing only a faint, raspy shadow of my real voice. My doctor said all the physical stuff was OK, so that wasn’t it. And it didn’t seem to be a straightforward fear of speaking in public, since my voice often seemed strongest when the pressure was heaviest. So what to do?

Sam took on the challenge with gusto. She started with some vocal exercises, and with some technical discussion of how the body actually produces the sound. Fascinating stuff, even if it meant I spent my spare time driving around San Francisco making some very strange noises in the privacy of my car, with windows safely shut.

She also focused on the mind-body aspects of speaking, engaging me in a fascinating conversation about the emotional and confidence related aspects of various situations. Sam has a knack for probing these kinds of issues in a very thorough but completely non-judgmental manner.

Along the way Sam helped me get ready to make a big speech at my daughter’s wedding. Nervousness was definitely an issue there, and among other key insights, Sam convinced me that being nervous was OK, that everyone would understand and even expect me to be nervous in that situation.

At some point my sessions with Sam led to an important realization about just where I was holding tension in my body in certain situations. That realization, along with the tools Sam has given me that allow me to get my voice working even if it doesn’t want to, have helped me enormously.

I recommend InnerVoice Studio very highly for voice coaching, public speaking, and presentation skills.

Oh and I hear she’s a pretty good singing coach too!”

David H.

“It Was Amazing, and I Have Not Looked Back.”

“I thought I was tone deaf, maybe, but I really wanted to be able to sing at karaoke night and not be embarrassed. The first lesson, though I was shy, Sam got some notes out of me I had never heard. It was amazing, and I have not looked back. So far it has been maybe 4 lessons and I have improved so much, and as I pay closer attention when I listen to a song I know that I have a long way to go

Sam will get me there.

She’s so sweet, and inviting, and last lesson I came in all excited to work and she was like, ‘who are you and where is the shy girl I know?” Seriously, I’m over the shyness, thanks to Sam.”

Candace B.

“Cross Between Vocal Work and Therapy.”

“Lessons with Samantha are a cross between vocal work and therapy. She’s an amazing vocalist and an even more incredible human being that works hard to create a safe space in her studio that allows for creativity and experimentation and insecurities and successes, etc. She’s supportive and always seems to know where and how to push you to be your best and how to allow you to work through feeling your worst. I can’t say enough about my experiences working with Sam, I would recommend her to anyone.”

Danielle J.

“The Ability to Take the Shyest of People Out of Their Shells.”

“Wow, I honestly don’t even know where to BEGIN. Sam is in a league of her own.

“I had been taking singing lessons for most of my life when I found Sam in my early 20s (about 3 1/2 years ago). I had experience, but did not believe in myself as a singer and was quite timid. I was terrified of performing in front of people and in fact, kind of hated it. Sam completely changed that for me. Today, with Sam as my coach, I have been afforded the opportunity to perform professionally over a handful of times and make professional recordings! She’s taught me stage presence, how to trust my voice (and myself), and inspired in me a confidence that I never thought possible. I actually look forward, and get incredibly excited, to perform in front of others now. Who would have thought?! Sam’s also helped me tap into a totally different vocal range and style, different from the one that I was trained to use for over a decade. Honestly, she’s helped me truly discover my voice.

“Sam is amazing, inspiring, caring, talented, humble, fun and so much more. She has the ability to take the shyest of people out of their shells and introduce them to a voice they never knew they had, and for experienced singers, she knows how to introduce them to a part of their voice and themselves that they never thought was possible.

“Sam is not only a vocal teacher, she is also a skilled life coach. She treats her students with such genuine care, builds them up to believe in themselves, and pushes them to reach their biggest goals- even if they feel like pie in the sky ideas…anything is possible with Sam as your coach!”

Alexis V.

“I Feel Comfortable with My Voice Like I Never Have Before”

“Sam is the best. I’ve played piano for years but never learned to sing – Sam has changed that. I feel comfortable with my voice like I never have before, and I will be performing in my first show in several weeks. She’s understanding and truly cares…more like a vocal coach/friend/therapist than just a vocal coach alone. If the idea of learning to sing ever crossed your mind, I’d urge you to talk to Sam.”

Jon K.

“Every lesson is a breakthrough”

“Seriously fantastic! I came to Sam 8 months ago scared but willing to sing. A new singer. I didn’t know if I had much to work with and needed encouragement and fun. Sam is both! I get a good dose of technique when I want to learn why or how my voice does what. And we follow inspiration to keep things exciting. For me  in my intro/experimental stage its a big deal to follow the waves of inspiration and not get stuck in a classical box that is ALL technical. I always leave feeling like I’ve unlocked a part of me that I always wished/knew was there. Every lesson is a breakthrough.”

Alyssa A.

“Those voice lessons have really paid off!”

“I just had to write with a huge Thank You!!! The three performances of our play went off wonderfully and, in the end, all the players got lots of compliments. But, one of the compliments that came to me from several different people (including people who know my vocal history) was about the quality of my solo. They often said, “Those voice lessons have really paid off!” I can’t thank you enough for helping me progress so notably with my singing! You’re a fabulous teacher and I really appreciate all the effort you’ve put into our work together.”

Scott S.

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“My Voice Totally Transformed”

If you’re looking for an amazing coach to help you build confidence in your presentations and really develop your voice – literally – then look no further than Sam Whitehouse.

I worked with her many years ago when I first started to do video and audio recordings for my online programs and marketing and she did a masterful job of accelerating my progress.

My voice totally transformed.

I went from having 0 understanding of the mechanics of voice and vocal projections to really understanding resonance and projection and the importance of your mind and body on your voice.

That video launch I did ended up being a massive success and gave me an incredible foundation.

She is an amazing teacher and I highly recommend her to everyone.

I’m making this post now since I saw she’s started a new program after a big move and anyone who gets a chance to get in will be extremely lucky.

Give her a message and see how she can help you.

Thank you Sam.”

“Confidence Building, Soft Skills Building, and Communications Techniques all Rolled Into One.”

I contacted Sam when I had some communications challenges at work and our 5 sessions were really helpful. It was therapy, confidence building, soft skills building, and communications techniques all rolled into one. Sam is very insightful and her instincts are spot on. She’s amazing!

Cissie L.

“More Than I Ever Could Have Imagined”

I love working with Sam! I have participated in two of her Own Your Voice workshops. The first time I went, I did not know what to expect but I took away way more than I ever could have imagined. It was so good that I came back for a second workshop! In the workshops, we do some inner work, group journaling and discussion. Then, we learn how to use our body and voice and practice it in a safe environment. I have noticed how this work has helped me improve my confidence and communication at my job, business, relationships and more! I love this practice and can’t wait to work with Sam more!”

Linda L.

“She Really Cared About My Progress and Improvement”

“When I was looking for job, I need help with the Interview. I met with Sam. She was very helpful pointing out my improvement areas, and bringing in creative techniques for practice. This improves my confidence and clarify during presentation. She also followed up with me after sessions. I felt that she really cared about my progress and improvement. At the end of day, thanks to her help, I was able to find a decent job, ending the tough job-seeking journey. I really appreciate all the help from Sam and would definitely recommend her to anyone who looks to improve their interview, presentation, and vocal skills.”

Lucas A.

“Blown My Illusions Up”

“Your support is having a big effect! I’m so glad I spoke to you about what was really going on for me! Your perspective on my situation is startling me in the best of ways; I wasn’t aware how locked in I am to my own view of myself, or that any other view was possible! You’ve blown my illusions up and I’m now eager to proceed with the work!”

Alan M.

“Coaxed My Voice Out of Me”

“I will forever be thankful to Sam and her team that coaxed my voice out of me. I re-discovered the joy, gained the confidence to allow it to come through on and off stage. Three years of lessons, open mic nights, karaoke nights, 2 shows and one released recording would not have happened without the guidance and wisdom (both musical and otherwise) of Sam and her team. The skills I learned in my singing class, always, always make it to all the other areas of my life. Sam is a great coach and amazing human being that continues to enrich the musical scene of this city.”

Petra G.

“A Healer and a Guide”

“Sam is my voice coach. “Voice coach”. Pshaw. That phrase says way too little. She’s a healer, and a guide, and one of the most amazing human beings on the planet.”

Dave P.

“Helped Me Build Confidence in My Voice”

“Sam is the greatest. She’s really helped me build confidence in my voice and overcome the hurdles of singing alone in front of someone. (I now find myself singing in the park and on my walk home without thinking of who is around). I know the more I continue to work with her the stronger my true voice will become and I continue to notice the notes I’ve broken through that I wasn’t able to reach before. She has a real niche for pulling those out of you!”

Erika L.

“Critical Observation that Many Speech Therapists Did Not Pick Up On.”

I have been working with Sam for the past year on my public speaking and singing abilities.  In addition to the usual fear of public speaking, I also have a stutter and Sam was able to determine my breathing was shallow, a very critical observation that many speech therapists did not pick up on.  Sam is patient, caring and super flexible with scheduling.  It has been a pleasure working with Sam and highly recommend her for all your vocal coaching needs.

Michael G.

“Much Broader Applicability than Singing”

“Sam is a fantastic teacher. One of the hardest things about learning to sing well, I think, is acquiring a really subtle awareness of and control over your vocal instrument. It’s like a dramatically more complex version of learning to wiggle your ears. Sam has an uncanny ability to detect precisely which aspect of your vocal instrument you are “playing” incorrectly just from watching your face and posture and listening to the sound of your voice and she’s really good at coming up with analogies and mental associations that are tailored to you to communicate what to do differently to improve your technique.

Sam is also an incredibly kind and empathetic person with a lot of wisdom to share that has much broader applicability than singing. She really has a tonne of value to offer.”

Chris B.

“So Much More Fun, Educational, and Engaging than the Vast Majority of Presentations Most of Us are Exposed to Routinely!”

“Sam coached me and a group of my colleagues at Aruba Networks (a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company) on presenting and public speaking.  She made the session fun and interactive by peppering in the techniques and skillsets required for an effective and powerful singer as it would relate to a presenter before an audience… a very interesting addition to what other public speaking / communication / presenting courses that I’ve had in in the past are missing.

As would be required for a strong singer before an audience, Sam coached the group to vocalize, powerfully and confidently, which is incredibly important, but seems to be missing in your traditional presentation courses.  At the same time, she honed in on the power of authenticity in connecting with your audience, not just didactically, but through example with her own refined skills in connecting with our group.

I have highly recommended her to former colleagues now at other firms and hope to see more presenters more effectively interact with their audience in the future… so much more fun, educational, and engaging than the vast majority of presentations most of us are exposed to routinely!”

J. K.

“Definite Pleasure to Learn From”

“If I haven’t had a chance to say thanks, I wanted to take this opportunity to do so. You helped me with mechanics and confidence, what I really needed to get rolling. You had a great perspective and focused on just what I needed, and were a definite pleasure to learn from.”

Brett S.

“Mostly, They Listen”

“Sam knows how to get anyone singing – from singer songwriters like me, to show tunes, to karaoke pop. And they do it with a lot of fun and encouragement. They work with singers at all levels and focus not just on getting the notes right, but also on building a solid foundation so that as singer can tackle any song. Mostly, they listen. Sam took the time to understand my goals and built a program that worked for me. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Tim J.

“Pushing the Limits”

“The positive vibes my daughter is getting there are just so important for her self esteem right now. She was beaming and telling me that at first she was shy and didn’t let go with the song, but by the end she was dancing all over the studio singing it. That has a lot to do with you, Sam, and how comfortable you are making her feel – pushing the limits. Thanks so much.”

Sean C.

“Your Students are Brave”

“Just wanted to shoot a note about how fabulous last night was. I was really impressed with the whole show. Your students are brave, but it’s obvious how much your enthusiasm for your students and the show brings everything together. You really make an impact on your students – that is so cool.”

Julie R.

“I Just Want to Say Thank You”

“I just want to say thank you for the showcase, it was a wonderful experience. I now, with confidence, can say I am a musician. I am so happy to have found you – you have opened another door in this chapter of my life and I hope to always have you with me through my successes.”

Jacki R.

“My Experiences Here Have Let Me Grow”

“My experiences here have let me grow both as a musician and as a person. Sam is a very open and supportive teacher who has provided me with guided instruction as well as opportunities for musical experimentation. I have become a better musician while studying here.”

Brett G.


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