InnerVoice Studio

Sam Whitehouse, Owner | Facilitator | Coach | Consultant

About Sam Whitehouse

For more than 15 years, Sam Whitehouse has been helping people uncover and share their authentic voices. 

Sam carries a genuine love of all people and strongly believes that each person has the right to feel safe and confident in this world. Through her warm and authentic personality and her loving, judgment-free, and personalized approach she creates a safe and inviting environment in which each client is able to experience their voice in an entirely new and immensely powerful way. 

She knows firsthand how difficult and scary it can be to own one’s voice (ask her about the time she fainted and fell off the stage while in the middle of a live performance in front of a room full of people. Oof!)  Because of this, she encourages each person she works with to show up exactly as they are. Her unique ability to calm their fears and anxieties, and redirect negatively charged energy into a positive communication experience generates lasting confidence and more meaningful collaboration.


Sam started her career as a contemporary singing and performance coach, and realized early on that singing has an undeniable power to help a person feel more comfortable in their own skin, as well as more confident in their daily lives.  

Over time she shifted her focus away from preparing singers for the performance track, and instead to explore more broadly how topics such as creativity, voice, authenticity, and communication connect a person to the wider world around them.

Sam expanded the core of her programs and services to include a much wider range of topics related to self-expression, including communication and public speaking, accent management, voice and speech, presenting onstage, speaking up in a meeting, navigating conflict, listening skills, creativity, and so much more.

Her specialty is to help each client find the tools and resources they need to access their own unique voice and apply these skills in any area of their personal and professional lives.


When Sam is not working she can be found generally encouraging others to take a chance on themselves, practicing yoga, working on music, creating mixed-media art pieces, sipping wine from her favorite InnerVoice Studio wine glass, napping in a sunbeam, or learning Turkish. Yep, Turkish.

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Services and Clients

At our core, we all want to be seen, heard and valued. Sam created InnerVoice Studio in order to foster a safe, comfortable, and nurturing atmosphere for people to break down internal barriers, build confidence, and let their authentic voices shine through in all that they do.

She offers workplace trainings, 1-to-1 coaching, group workshops, and community events around the topics of communication, self-expression, public speaking, and leadership.

Additionally, Sam offers bespoke communication and leadership consulting services.

Diverse Clients

Sam feels enormously grateful and privileged to be able to work with people from all backgrounds and walks of life. She has worked with musicians, attorneys, accountants, filmmakers, engineers, marketing and PR people, managers, start-up entrepreneurs, corporate real estate developers, small business owners, writers, bankers, human resources specialists, and more. 

It also brings her great joy that her clients also come from all over the world including China, India, Korea, Croatia, Turkey, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Italy, Poland, Brazil, Netherlands, France, Lebanon, Switzerland, Turkmenistan, Iceland and Sweden.

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Studio History

Sam began teaching singing lessons in 2007. Her first student was her then 11-year-old niece. In 2008 she opened her first coaching company, Sam Whitehouse Music, later renamed OpenVoice Studios.  At its peak, OpenVoice Studios had 9 additional teachers, and 150 weekly recurring private students (1000+ over the lifespan of the company).

During her years at the helm, in addition to teaching and exploring new curricula, Sam opened 3 studios in 2 states and produced dozens of shows, events, and workshops. In 2015 she closed OpenVoice Studios and opened InnerVoice Studio in order to have more time, energy, and attention to focus on her clients, as well as to develop new service offerings.

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