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Welcome to InnerVoice Studio

unlock your voice and develop confident, authentic self-expression

Jen U

“Sam has an intense, unique and unconditional love of people. She is in it with you every step of the way with zero judgement. She makes it safe when it’s uncomfortable. It’s not just about the voice…it’s about not hiding from yourself, it’s about being present and being alive.”

Jennie G.

“There are not enough good things I can say about Sam and her work. Sam’s mission to help others use, own, and amplify their voices is something that will positively influence everything from your ability to convey what you want in relationships, to your leadership presence, to how you show up in the world (and even your singing!). She embodies her mission by continually providing opportunities for others to step into their power by questioning their assumptions, getting to the root of their symptoms, and by practicing asking for what they want and need. Her ability to draw out emotions and learnings in others, combined with her direct yet loving ability to give feedback, allows others to step into their power and feel supported along the way. I would absolutely recommend Sam if you are ready to live more fully and intentionally, with more confidence so that you can increase your positive impact in the world.”

Maria-Clara M.

"I have been looking for support in a safe, comfortable, enrich, loving, and dynamic place were I can practice and learn how to make my own voice heard. And I found Sam! Her charisma and commitment have inspire me to feel more comfortable in my own skin. I have participated in group sessions with professional women were we all share experiences that can be challenging in our work place. Her guidance and support are tremendous. Thanks Sam!"

Yoojin J.

"Sam is a fantastic coach and such a charming person to be around! I looked for a voice coach to get professional guidance on my executive presence and for important interviews. Over the course of the month, she checked in on my status both during and after classes. I felt so supported throughout the whole experience and wish that she will move to the East Coast one day! Sam - thank you so much for your help. I am excited to take on what I learned from you and (hopefully) continue learning more!"