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What types of people do you work with?

Diverse Personal and Professional Backgrounds

I work with people from all backgrounds and walks of life including engineers, developers, team leaders, product managers, project managers, start-up founders, musicians, attorneys, accountants, filmmakers, marketing and PR people, corporate real estate developers, small business owners, writers, bankers, human resources specialists, writers, teachers, coaches, business development leaders, stay-at-home-moms, and more.


Diverse Cultural Backgrounds

My clients also come from all over the US and from every corner of the world including China, India, Korea, Croatia, Turkey, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Italy, Poland, Brazil, Netherlands, France, Lebanon, Switzerland, Turkmenistan, and Iceland.


Diverse Industries

I have worked with people from a wide variety of companies from enterprise to startups in many industries, as well as nonprofits, art and public institutions, including:

















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