• Foundational Communication Skills for Major Impact

    Communication Essentials

Communication Essentials

Foundational Skills for Confidence and Impact

The Tools You Need for Meaningful and Productive Communication.

Want to seriously uplevel your speech and communication, but don’t have a lot of time?

While my deep dive coaching programs create huge transformations, sometimes that type of experience is just more than a person needs. So, I’ve pulled out some core recurring themes that come up with my clients and put them into a simple, straightforward, and short(!) coaching program.

This four-week experience will empower you with the tools you need for meaningful and productive communication in any area of your life.

📢 Communication Essentials: Foundational Skills for Confidence and Impact

What’s covered?

Week 1: Voice Technique / Being Seen and Heard

  • Developing a basic understanding of how your voice works, including breath control, projection, stamina, and tone
  • Understanding the relationship between voice and presence to increase confidence and reduce fear of speaking up

Week 2: Self-Awareness / Situational Awareness

  • Noticing the state of your inner world and how it impacts your communication
  • Noticing how the people, location, and conditions of the world around you impact your communication
  • Remaining in command of your communication while navigating emotional fluctuations

Week 3: Listening Skills

  • Learning and using the different layers and types of listening
  • Understanding how our different lenses and biases impact our listening
  • Remaining present: Listening to learn vs. listening to respond
  • Experiencing how being a better listener increases confidence, decreases reactivity, and enhances collaboration

Week 4: Navigating Difficult Conversations

  • Assessing and mitigating risk in communication
  • Communicating clearly when nervous, upset, or uncomfortable
  • Choosing the right words
  • Using curiosity to improve collaboration and impact
  • Thoughtfully interjecting

Program also includes:

Asynchronous Coaching Support:
The real work happens as you practice and apply these new concepts in your daily life.  Therefore, throughout the program, we will continue our work in between meetings. We’ll review and evaluate your experiences, handle any blocks, celebrate any victories, and tackle any new situations or concerns.

Private online folder with client notes and info:
You’ll have a super convenient Google Drive folder with all your important materials in it.

Any additional books, resources, and  practice materials:
I’ll source and provide any additional info and materials we need to maximize our work together.

Fine Print:

While this is a 4-week program, at InnerVoice Studio we understand that life is busy and complex. Coach and client agree to schedule all four meetings in advance, at mutually agreed upon times. 24-hour notice is appreciated for any cancellations and rescheduling. All 4 calls must be completed within 8 weeks of the first call. No refunds or transfers for incomplete programs.

The Details:

Location and Schedule:
Calls and coaching sessions are via Zoom.

Meetings scheduled at mutually agreed upon times between client and coach.


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