• Big transformation, small commitment

    6-Week Coaching Program

6-Week Coaching Program

Big Transformation, Small Commitment

Ready to dive deep and move quickly?

1) 60-Minute Onboarding Call:
We’ll use this time to clarify your goals and set the agenda. Prior to the call, you’ll be sent a questionnaire to fill out and I will use your answers to guide the conversation. You will leave the call with some light homework to help you prep for our deep dive.


2) (4) 1-Hour Coaching Session:
Here is where we do the deep dive. These experiential private coaching sessions will include a combination of mindset work and practical skill-building and will be completely customized based on your needs and goals. Additionally, you will leave with a clear plan for how to integrate these new skills and concepts into your daily life.

3) (1) 60-minute closing session

We’ll review and celebrate your progress, clarify anything you need to continue your practice going forward, and talk about any necessary next steps or future support you’ll need.

4) Asynchronous Coaching Support:
Between our deep dives, you will have access to me for an entire week via text, email, or WhatsApp for continued support and integration.


5) Private online folder with client notes and info:
You’ll have a super convenient Google Drive folder with all your important materials in it.


6) Any additional books, resources, and  practice materials:
I’ll source and provide any additional info and materials we need to maximize our work together.

Additional Payment Information:

Employer Reimbursement:

I highly recommend that you check with your employer about education reimbursement. Many employers in the Bay Area have robust personal and professional development benefits for their employees. I am happy to help you navigate the reimbursement process and get you any documentation you need.

Accepted Payment Types:

All major credit cards, PayPal, and VenMo accepted.


No refunds, transfers, or exchanges.


The spirit of the 3-month and 6-week coaching containers is to provide a definitive amount of time for the coach and client to cocreate and integrate a personal transformation through coaching exercises, practice, and support. 

That said, life happens. Work may be paused and resumed to accommodate holidays, vacations, and other life events, as agreed upon by all parties and insofar as all meetings are completed within 5 months of the initial start date for the 3-month program, or within 10 weeks of the initial start date for the 6-week program.

Refunds will not be given for meetings not rescheduled within those windows, so let’s make sure to communicate and plan accordingly.

Have more questions?

More info available via our Frequently Asked Questions page.


The Details:

Location and Schedule:
Calls and coaching sessions are via Zoom.

Meetings scheduled at mutually agreed upon times between client and coach.


$2700 pay-in-full -or- 3 installments of $999


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