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Monthly Group Coaching and Skills Training

It’s Time to Take Up Space in Your Own Life!

Through a combination of group coaching and skills training, within a safe community space with like-minded women, you will foster a deep sense of inner personal trust and confidence, while building powerful and authentic communication skills, as well as deep interpersonal connections.

It is my mission to help women feel less alone. To help you reclaim your hearts, souls, and energies. To understand that you have more options than you realize, that you have permission to feel held, resourced, and balanced.


✨Doors are open!✨
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Who is This Group Coaching For?


Does Any of This Describe You?

  • You’re feeling burnt out or overwhelmed most of the time.
  • You feel resentful because there is never any time for you.
  • You feel ungrateful…and then you feel guilty for feeling ungrateful.
  • You’re feeling like you’re just sort of not getting anywhere.
  • You know you’re ready for more, but you’re not sure what it is or how to get it.
  • You feel lonely, less than, hidden, or unseen.
  • You feel you have to do more of the emotional labor or family chores because your partner makes more money than you.
  • You don’t have a partner and you have no idea how to hold all of this together anymore.

You are 1000% normal.

You are 1000% not alone.

You are 1000% able to start taking steps to let go of these old stories and step into your fully aligned and vibrant self.


We are Looking for Women Who Want to:

  • Navigate the world from a place of self-assuredness, leave behind all the ‘double binds’, and step more authentically into the fulness of their entire human experience.
  • Stop sacrificing themselves as the only way of caring for others.
  • Leave behind comparison thinking and embrace who they really are.
  • Stop competing and start cooperating more effectively with other women.
  • Take up space and bring healthy effective communication to relationships with the men (and everyone else) in their lives.

Imagine What You Could Truly Accomplish…

Oh the places you could go, the goals you could achieve, and the enjoyment you could experience in all facets of your life if you felt:

  • Energized and healthy
  • Inspired and creative
  • Authentic and connected
  • Healthy and balanced
  • Vibrant and joyful
  • Safe and seen

Traditionally, women have been programmed to ensure the comfort and safety of everyone around us, with little to no regard for the impact of this on us.


This is a Place for Women to:

  • Be seen in our unique and shared experiences.
  • Reclaim our voices and connect to our inner strength in order to make powerful, aligned, and loving choices for ourselves and others.
  • Build tools for healthy, boundaried interpersonal connection with all the people in our lives.

If you are ready to be uplifted with and by other women in a safe container that offers a safe place to be seen, held, and vulnerable, while at the same time building the practical skills, tools, and strategies you need to take charge of your daily life, come join us.


What You Get with Your Membership:

Each month, there will be 2 routine scheduled events:

  • 2nd Wednesday Group Coaching Call (5:00 – 7:00pm P/T)
  • 4th Thursday Skills Training Session (11:00am – 1:00pm P/T)
  • Throughout the year, we will weave in additional guest speakers and special events.

Coaching call conversation prompt and skills training topic posted on the 1st of each month.

Can’t make a call? Live events will be recorded and available for replay throughout the lifespan of your membership.

Monthly membership also includes:

  • A list of journal prompts posted at the beginning of each month to guide your individual work.
  • A private Facebook group where members can come together to support each other.

Currently, this is all Zoom-based. We will figure out potential opportunities for in-person meetings as the COVID situation evolves.

The cost is $125/month.
Register anytime. Cancel anytime.

Our Focus will be on Three Main Areas:

  • Self-Confidence
    • Mindset work and practices for presence and self-trust
  • Communication Skills
    • Tools and skills for sharing information and building community
  • Voice and Speech
    • Techniques and mechanics for strong sound and fluid speech


👉🏻The Theme for March:

Conscious Awareness vs. Unconscious Reactivity

In February, we explored self-awareness and situational-awareness. This got us in touch with noticing how we feel at any moment, as well as some of the basic internal and external factors that contribute to why we may feel that way.

This month we will be taking that a step further. We will explore how to use this new awareness to separate ourselves from our reactions.

We will look at how to take an expanded view of any situation in order to:

  • Determine what is your responsibility and what is not
  • Detangle yourself from what is not yours (no matter what other people say) and set strong clear energetic boundaries
  • Take responsible aligned action on what is yours


✨Doors are open!✨
Click here to register now!

Doors are open!
Click here to register now!

“Ugh, I Can’t Possibly Invest this Time or Money in Myself Right Now.”

I completely understand how difficult it is to carve time and resources for yourself, especially when you have so much going on around you.


Here’s the thing, though: 
You pushing through to depletion, being dishonest with yourself about how you really feel is:
  1. Causing more damage than good to those around you.
  2. Keeping you in this perpetual cycle of never getting what you need.
  3. Models this behavior for the next generation of women.


The only way that change can happen in your life is if you choose to make it happen.

This takes inordinate amounts of courage and commitment.

I’m here to tell you that choosing you always, always, always pays huge dividends to you and to those you care for.

And you don’t have to do it alone. Join us and get the support, resourcing, skills, and community that you need to make a conscious and intentional change to your life.

This group is structured in such a way to keep your time and money investment are super low while the transformative value is super high.

I truly hope you will join us. ❤️


What’s the Investment? 


When Does it Start?

We begin on February 1, 2022.

How Long Does it Go?

Your membership will continue on a month-to-month basis until you cancel. Your billing is set up to automatically process every 30 days from the date of your initial registration. 

Can I Cancel?

You may cancel at any time. Upon cancellation, your membership as well as your access to the program will expire at the end of your billing period.

Prorated refunds will not be given for the remainder of the month. To avoid being billed for the next month’s membership fee, be sure to cancel your membership before your next renewal date.

Membership fees are subject to change. Members who cancel their membership and later re-register understand that they will do so at the current rate at the new date or registration.

How Do I Register?

Go to this link.

How Do I Cancel?

Log into your Thinkific account, click ‘My Account’ in the upper right corner, click ‘Billing’. In the Billing screen under ‘Subscriptions’ click ‘Cancel’.

What if I Register in the Middle of the Month?

You will have access to all of that month’s remaining live calls, as well as all recordings of calls from that month that took place prior to your registration, as well as all of that month’s journal prompts or other materials.

What if I Can’t Make the Calls?

As a woman, it can feel really edgy to carve time for yourself. Truly Owning Your Voice means taking meaningful steps to prioritize yourself, your healing, your personal growth, and your professional development. It is in this spirit that we encourage members to join the live calls whenever possible. And…we understand that it’s just sometimes not possible. So all the calls will be recorded and members will have full access to the replays and all other workshop materials throughout the life of their membership.

What About Privacy?

To protect the safety and sanctity of the space, the members, and the growth process, all members of the group contract with each other to not share personal information about other members of the group outside of the group. This is a core tenet of this group and of this work. If any problems or concerns arise, please speak to me directly so that they may be handled with care.

If a Coaching Prompt or Skills Training Event is not Interesting to Me Can I get a Partial Refund for that Month?

This membership group seeks to cover a wide range of topics that are relevant to women, women’s voices, communication, confidence, and self-expression needs. Partial refunds will not be given based on attendance ability or interest in discussion topics. To suggest a coaching topic or skills workshop, please reach out to me directly.

If I Can’t Make it to a Skills Training Session, Can I Send a Friend Instead? 

All coaching calls, office hours, training sessions, events, and materials are for OYV:W Members only.


I love working with Sam! I have participated in two of her Own Your Voice workshops. The first time I went, I did not know what to expect but I took away way more than I ever could have imagined. It was so good that I came back for a second workshop! In the workshops, we do some inner work, group journaling and discussion. Then, we learn how to use our body and voice and practice it in a safe environment. I have noticed how this work has helped me improve my confidence and communication at my job, business, relationships and more! I love this practice and can’t wait to work with Sam more!


I contacted Sam when I had some communications challenges at work and our 5 sessions were really helpful. It was therapy, confidence building, soft skills building, and communications techniques all rolled into one. Sam is very insightful and her instincts are spot on. She’s amazing!


There are not enough good things I can say about Sam and her work. Sam’s mission to help others use, own, and amplify their voices is something that will positively influence everything from your ability to convey what you want in relationships, to your leadership presence, to how you show up in the world (and even your singing!). She embodies her mission by continually providing opportunities for others to step into their power by questioning their assumptions, getting to the root of their symptoms, and by practicing asking for what they want and need. Her ability to draw out emotions and learnings in others, combined with her direct yet loving ability to give feedback, allows others to step into their power and feel supported along the way. I would absolutely recommend Sam if you are ready to live more fully and intentionally, with more confidence so that you can increase your positive impact in the world.


I reached out to Sam with the goal of improving my communication skills and to develop a stronger executive presence for some challenging scenarios. Over the course of a few months, we worked through various exercises and shifted focus as my work took a few twists and turns. Sam was always amazingly supportive and encouraging while offering spot-on advice and guidance. She helped me to break down challenges into specific takeaways to focus on each week, and was consistently supportive in following up. Sam is an excellent coach, and wonderful to work with.


Sam has been a before and after for both my personal and professional life. Coming from another country where English is not the first language has been somehow challenging, and I have struggled at communicating feedback, decisions, or stories because I felt very self-doubtful. After several sessions, I noticed that we weren't tackling specifically that, but many other aspects of how I talk, the words I use, why I say the things I say, among other things, that all indirectly were adding or affecting me in many other ways, but super related to my insecurities. Sam has helped me feel more confident with myself and with my inner voice (no pun intended). I have become more mindful of the words I use, in a natural way. I can't stress enough how much Sam has impacted me personally and professionally. So grateful to have met her!


Sam is an amazing coach and just overall wonderful person. She goes above and beyond to help me understand and unlock my potential as a business leader, acknowledge and appreciate my fears, and helped me navigate through my insecurities. I have learned so much about myself in the first 3 months we've worked together and time flew fast. She successfully guided me thru managing tough conversations, how to listen to my intuitions and trust in myself, and to be confident in my voice. I feel empowered every time I talk to her and even after our sessions when I apply my learnings in the workplace. I am forever grateful for her wisdom, her passion, and her infectious positive energy. Thank you, Sam!


“When I was looking for job, I need help with the Interview. I met with Sam. She was very helpful pointing out my improvement areas, and bringing in creative techniques for practice. This improves my confidence and clarify during presentation. She also followed up with me after sessions. I felt that she really cared about my progress and improvement. At the end of day, thanks to her help, I was able to find a decent job, ending the tough job-seeking journey. I really appreciate all the help from Sam and would definitely recommend her to anyone who looks to improve their interview, presentation, and vocal skills.”

J. K.

“Sam coached me and a group of my colleagues at Aruba Networks (a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company) on presenting and public speaking. She made the session fun and interactive by peppering in the techniques and skillsets required for an effective and powerful singer as it would relate to a presenter before an audience… a very interesting addition to what other public speaking / communication / presenting courses that I’ve had in in the past are missing. As would be required for a strong singer before an audience, Sam coached the group to vocalize, powerfully and confidently, which is incredibly important, but seems to be missing in your traditional presentation courses. At the same time, she honed in on the power of authenticity in connecting with your audience, not just didactically, but through example with her own refined skills in connecting with our group. I have highly recommended her to former colleagues now at other firms and hope to see more presenters more effectively interact with their audience in the future… so much more fun, educational, and engaging than the vast majority of presentations most of us are exposed to routinely!”


"I have been working with Sam for the past year on my public speaking and singing abilities. In addition to the usual fear of public speaking, I also have a stutter and Sam was able to determine my breathing was shallow, a very critical observation that many speech therapists did not pick up on. Sam is patient, caring and super flexible with scheduling. It has been a pleasure working with Sam and highly recommend her for all your vocal coaching needs."


"If you’re looking for an amazing coach to help you build confidence in your presentations and really develop your voice - literally - then look no further than Sam Whitehouse. I worked with her when I first started to do video and audio recordings for my online programs and marketing and she did a masterful job of accelerating my progress. My voice totally transformed. I went from having zero understanding of the mechanics of voice and vocal projections to really understanding resonance and projection and the importance of your mind and body on your voice. That video launch I did ended up being a massive success and gave me an incredible foundation. She is an amazing teacher and I recommend her to everyone."