• MIni Vocal Confidence Workshop

    Unlock Your Voice

Unlock Your Voice!

Mini Vocal Confidence Workshop

So many people come to me because they feel like they can’t speak up, or that when they do find the courage to speak up, they simply aren’t heard or listened to.

Are you ready to build confidence and feel more comfortable speaking up in your daily life? Are you tired of feeling like you are holding yourself back from being more impactful at work? Are you ready to have more meaningful and productive conversations with friends and loved ones?

It starts with self-trust.

You are Allowed to Feel Safe and Be Seen.

You have permission to trust that your knowledge, insights, wisdom, experience, wants and needs are all valid, and that you are safe and in command when you share them with the people around you.

And guess what? You already have everything you need right inside you.

This Unlock Your Voice workshop will help you befriend the sound voice, tap into your inner confidence, and put you back in the driver’s seat of your communication…and ultimately, your life.

What Happens in This Workshop?

There is a lot packed into this teeny workshop! Through a series of super fun group vocal exercises, written exercises, partner dialogue and group coaching you will:

  • Hear (and love!) the sound of your voice in a totally new way.
  • Clear limiting beliefs that have been preventing you from speaking up.
  • Learn new ways to openly communicate your thoughts.
  • Experience the magic of T a k i n g  U p  S p a c e.


Is This Workshop for Me?

This workshop is perfect for anyone who:

  • Is tired of feeling afraid or hesitant, or otherwise holding themselves back at work or at home.
  • Wants to build confidence in a bite-sized chunk, while having fun and meeting new people.
  • Is interested in Vocal Confidence Coaching, but are not sure if 1-to-1 coaching is right for you.
  • Has previously attended a workshop, group or private coaching with Sam but wants a refresher.
  • This workshop welcomes new and returning clients, as well as people of all genders, cultures and professional backgrounds.


“Sam, your workshops have been a game changer for me. I am a much better public speaker, better communicator at my job, and overall more confident at speaking up! I know this because I feel more at EASE when I speak in challenging situations. The practices that we learned in the workshops really helped me use my voice to declare what I want and also OWN IT.” 

“I love working with Sam! I have participated in two of her Own Your Voice workshops. The first time I went, I did not know what to expect but I took alway way more than I ever could have imagined. It was so good that I came back for a second workshop! In the workshops, we do some inner work, group journaling and discussion. Then, we learn how to use our body and voice and practice it in a safe environment. I have noticed how this work has helped me improve my confidence and communication at my job, business, relationships and more! I love this practice and can’t wait to work with Sam more!”

The Details:

Date/Time: Wednesday, April 21st @ 5:00 – 7:00pm p/t

Location: Online via Zoom

Early Bird: $85 (through March 31)

General Admission: $100


Space is limited to 10 participants.


Need More Info? Drop a Line.

    Mike K.

    "If you’re looking for an amazing coach to help you build confidence in your presentations and really develop your voice - literally - then look no further than Sam Whitehouse. I worked with her when I first started to do video and audio recordings for my online programs and marketing and she did a masterful job of accelerating my progress. My voice totally transformed. I went from having zero understanding of the mechanics of voice and vocal projections to really understanding resonance and projection and the importance of your mind and body on your voice. That video launch I did ended up being a massive success and gave me an incredible foundation. She is an amazing teacher and I recommend her to everyone."

    Michael G.

    "I have been working with Sam for the past year on my public speaking and singing abilities. In addition to the usual fear of public speaking, I also have a stutter and Sam was able to determine my breathing was shallow, a very critical observation that many speech therapists did not pick up on. Sam is patient, caring and super flexible with scheduling. It has been a pleasure working with Sam and highly recommend her for all your vocal coaching needs."

    J. K.

    “Sam coached me and a group of my colleagues at Aruba Networks (a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company) on presenting and public speaking. She made the session fun and interactive by peppering in the techniques and skillsets required for an effective and powerful singer as it would relate to a presenter before an audience… a very interesting addition to what other public speaking / communication / presenting courses that I’ve had in in the past are missing. As would be required for a strong singer before an audience, Sam coached the group to vocalize, powerfully and confidently, which is incredibly important, but seems to be missing in your traditional presentation courses. At the same time, she honed in on the power of authenticity in connecting with your audience, not just didactically, but through example with her own refined skills in connecting with our group. I have highly recommended her to former colleagues now at other firms and hope to see more presenters more effectively interact with their audience in the future… so much more fun, educational, and engaging than the vast majority of presentations most of us are exposed to routinely!”

    Lucas A.

    “When I was looking for job, I need help with the Interview. I met with Sam. She was very helpful pointing out my improvement areas, and bringing in creative techniques for practice. This improves my confidence and clarify during presentation. She also followed up with me after sessions. I felt that she really cared about my progress and improvement. At the end of day, thanks to her help, I was able to find a decent job, ending the tough job-seeking journey. I really appreciate all the help from Sam and would definitely recommend her to anyone who looks to improve their interview, presentation, and vocal skills.”