• Big transformation, small commitment


1-to-1 Mini Coaching Intensives

Big Transformation, Small Commitment

If you’ve been thinking about getting some coaching, but a 3-month program feels like too much of a commitment, then this is for you!

We’ll condense your personal/professional transformation into three parts.

1) 60-Minute Onboarding Call:
We’ll use this time to clarify your goals and set the agenda. Prior to the call, you’ll be sent a questionnaire to fill out and I will use your answers to guide the conversation. You will leave the call with some light homework to help you prep for our deep dive.


2) 3-Hour Coaching Session:
Here is where we do the deep dive. This experiential private coaching session will include a combination of mindset work and practical skill building, and will be completely customized based on your needs and goals. Additionally, you will leave with a clear plan for how to integrate these new skills and concepts into your daily life. Don’t worry, there will be strategic breaks for integration, rest and snacks.


3) A Full Week of Ongoing Coaching Support:
After the 3-hour coaching session, you will have access to me for an entire week via text, email, WhatsApp or Marco Polo for continued support and integration.

The Details:

Location and Schedule:
Currently, all mini-intensives are held via Zoom. Calls will be scheduled via appointment at mutually agreed upon times.

$900 upfront, or 4 monthly installments of $250.

Ready to Learn More?
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Getting Started:

To make it easy for you, I’ve curated three topics for us to build your experience around. If none of them fit the transformative experience you’d like to have, we’ll build something completely fresh and new.


Own Your Voice | Workshop (Modified to work for one person instead of a group)
This workshop format focuses on three areas:
– Self-Expression: Connect with your authenticity and inner voice
– Sound: Hear your voice in a new way and learn to love it
– Confidence: Build the courage to be seen and heard in any setting


Healthy and Impactful Communication
– Specific Topic: Dive into one area of your life that you want to gain clarity about, tidy up, find a different approach to, build some confidence and develop new skills. Or perhaps…
– Life 360: Take a look at patterns, strategies, limiting beliefs and fear, in order to understand how they impact your relationships and daily life, unwind what’s not working and replace with new beliefs and behaviors.


While I don’t offer standard singing lessons anymore, we can definitely use your mini-intensive to work on your singing voice and your music. Perhaps it might look like:
– A vocal technique and performance masterclass for a total beginner.
– An advanced singer might come in to refresh technique, get re-motivated and leave with a renewed practice plan.
– Prepare for an upcoming performance or recording project with nuanced and specific guidance and support.


Want to work with me, but don’t see what you want on the list? Don’t worry! Schedule a discovery call to talk more about what you want to work on, and we’ll build something just for you.

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